Updated on Jan 02, 2023, 10:40 IST

‘Some Mocked Me’ Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Incredible Physical Transformation Is Goals For All Of Us

Neil Nitin Mukesh
Photo: © Neil Nitin Mukesh/Instagram (Main Image)

Neil Nitin Mukesh is an Indian film actor who has gained widespread recognition for his versatile roles in both mainstream Bollywood films and independent cinema.

He had been away from the spotlight for some time now, however, Neil recently shared pictures of his physical transformation which has really caught the attention of the public.

Born into a family of actors, Neil Nitin Mukesh always had a passion for the performing arts. He made his acting debut in 2007 with the film Johnny Gaddaar, and quickly gained a reputation for his intense and powerful performances.

But like everyone else, Neil Nitin Mukesh struggled with his weight and body image.

Neil’s frank admission, wherein he confessed to being self-conscious and uncomfortable in his own skin is inspiring people.

Taking to Instagram, Neil shared a before and after photo of his physique.

He wrote, "As I look back at the year 2022, I am nothing but grateful. I’m grateful to my family, to my dear friends and above all to the Almighty, to encourage me and give me the strength and power to go through this difficult transformation. As an actor we mould ourselves in various characters and take up challenges beyond our imagination. When I gained weight for a role of mine, little did I know that it would be so difficult and challenging to lose it all again. But I guess that is exactly what I needed, a challenge!!"

Appreciating the people who stood by his side through his tough times, Neil wrote, "2022 has been the year of me understanding the importance of health, family, love and relationships. Some stood by me through this journey, some mocked me for being socially disconnected, some appreciated my efforts while some questioned my willpower."

People have been moved by Neil Nitin Mukesh’s post, and have been sharing words of encouragement for the star. “This truly needs appreciation” read a comment. Another fan wrote, “Inspiring.”

This one lauded Neil’s efforts, “Superb. That’s not easy brother. It’s very easy for people to say he is actor, he has so many resources, ‘kaun si badi baat hai (it is not a big deal for him)’. But, honestly it’s takes a lot of discipline, dedication, hard work and focus. Hats off! Keep going hard. Looking forward to seeing more of your films in 2023. Stay blessed.”

It’s good to see the actor back in the shape of his life!

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