Updated on Sep 13, 2022, 11:30 IST
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Scared Of Ending Up A Single & Lonely Man? Stop Doing These 5 Things Right Now

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It’s a scary time for those who want to step into the world of dating. The fear of being ghosted, catfished or falling for someone who’s not on the same page as you often discourages us from putting ourselves out there.

Despite our desire to find love, the fear of rejection and disappointment is real.

If you don’t want to end up a single and lonely man, you need to stop doing these five things right away:

1. Idealising Relationships

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Your relationship will have a shorter shelf life if you idealise your partner way too much. Placing your partner on a pedestal and expecting them to be the person you think you deserve can be far removed from reality. You’ll eventually be setting yourself up for disappointment and blame your partner for the demise of your relationship, without realising your own role in it.

It’s not necessary that two people in a relationship will have the same likes, dislikes and expectations, and that’s okay. Embrace your differences and empathise with each other instead of holding your partner to different standards.

2. Looking For A Therapist In Your Partner

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Contrary to what Imitiaz Ali movies have taught us, your partner is not your therapist. Every individual has their own emotional baggage and trauma.

While it’s healthy to share the load and express your feelings with each other, it’s unfair to expect your partner to accept all your flaws blindly and make peace with them. They’re human too, and they may not always have the solution to your problems.

Instead of placing your emotional baggage at the feet of your partner, seek professional help if necessary. Being emotionally dependent on your partner might just end up with you being single and feeling even lonelier.

3. Not Trusting Your Partner

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Your partner will walk out as soon as they walk in if they sense mistrust in you. Wanting to check their phone, keeping tabs on their schedule and location, or bombarding them with questions about why they were talking to someone else instead of you — makes people feel suffocated.

Love and relationships are all about feeling safe and comfortable but if you continue to be insecure all the time, it’s a red flag for them to walk out and find someone who lets them be as they are. After all, nobody wants to feel like they are being monitored all the time.

4. Entering Co-Dependent Relationships

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If you ever feel that being in a codependent relationship is better than being single and lonely, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. This is one of the most dysfunctional relationships you can be in. These are relationships where one partner needs someone while the other needs to feel needed.

This results in a clingy couple that fails to function normally without the emotional crutch they both have become for each other. It puts pressure on one partner to look after the other, no matter how many times they mess up.

5.Hiding Feelings

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Gone are the days when ‘being a man’ meant hiding your feelings.

Women like men who are emotionally available and open about their feelings. Being able to express yourself with your partner is the mark of a healthy relationship. We often feel that sharing our feelings makes us look weak and weird when, in reality, it actually makes us realise how many people are going through the same struggles as us.

Being able to bond over shared problems and finding a resolution that makes you feel less lonely, ensures that you have a long-lasting, healthy relationship.