Sun, Sea and Sextants

While some Europeans play the waiting game to see if the ski slopes will be wrapped up in red tape and restrictions again this winter, many of us are realising this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the travel window that has opened up in sunnier climes. The travel window to the Caribbean has been firmly shut to Brits and Europeans for far too long; now it has flung open - surely it would be downright rude to not take advantage of the previously forbidden fruits of the Bahamas or the once prohibited Jamaican rum?

By Becki Milton • 18 November 2021
Sure, winter in Europe has its benefits; we love the Christmas markets and the joy of breaking virgin snow too, but there is something special about a January Caribbean holiday (especially on a superyacht) and there is no better feeling than showing off a true winter tan to our friends when we get back home.

Christmas should always be a wonderful time of celebration, but most of us know only too well the January blues and boredom that are lurking just around the corner. The skies are grey, denying us our much needed dose of Vitamin D and the high of Christmas is quickly forgotten. Some of the presents are already resigned to their new lives in the back of a cupboard, whilst some of us are thinking of resigning at the mere thought of having to go back to work.

Envision that sad, post- holiday scene… and then imagine the joy of a Christmas get-together knowing that you still have an experience of a lifetime to come, only a few weeks later.

There are many ways to see and experience the warm winter sun on your face, but none offer the sheer luxury of your own privately chartered yacht. A chartered superyacht always comes with a Captain and at least one crew member (or up to 50 crew members, depending on your budget or your desire to be utterly spoiled).

With most superyachts limiting guests to 12, the hardest question becomes not ‘Where shall we go?’, but instead ‘Who shall we take?’! Will the lucky gang be friends or family or a mixture? Instead of worrying which new electronic gimmick to buy Uncle Bertie for Christmas this year, why not focus your thoughts on sharing something more fun, and certainly more memorable?
Booking a winter yacht charter in the Caribbean is rather easy – your Bluewater Charter Specialist will do all the hard work, such as hand picking the finest yachts available for your dates, location and budget and negotiating prices and contracts. Once you have your yacht selected, they will turn their attention to planning your itinerary with you and ensuring all your favourite champagne brands are on board. And your favourite foods of course, we know good menus are important too.

Your Captain will have established knowledge of the local waters and tourist highlights (although he or she will be using modern navigation electronics instead of a sextant), and will work with you and your Bluewater Charter Specialist to form an itinerary that ticks all your geographical boxes – way before you even get on board.

Once onboard, your crew will pour your drinks and serve you gourmet meals, all of which will have been detailed by you and your family or friends when you submit your preference sheet ahead of your charter.

January itself is named after Janus, the God of beginnings. At Bluewater we can’t think of a better beginning to 2022, than stretching out on the sundeck of a superyacht, whilst cruising from one exotic location to your next beautiful anchorage and having your own personal chef prepare your Michelin Star lunch.

January blues? What January blues?