Mini Massage Gun - YATTLL


1 Sports Recovery
 The Fascial-Gun percussion massage helps break up lactic acid between workouts for quick recovery.

2 Reliable Strength
 Select from 3 deep tissue massage speeds that never stall.

3 Grip
 Focus on any area comfortably with the ergonomic handle.

4 Interchangeable Nodes
 Choose from 4 attachments for a customized experience.

5 Covenient to Carry
 Small size and lightweight(522g)



Mini Massage Gun 

Item No.: Mini Massage Gun - YATTLL
Dimension: 152*166*56 mm
Net Weight: 522g
Motor: 7.4V 35W, high power and low noise
Battery: Lithium battery 2500mAh
Working time:  2.5~3 H/Full charge
Mode: 3 levels adjustable, maximum 2200Rpm/min
Nodes: 4 attachments



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