Founded in 2003, Yalu Industry Co. is a parent company of the YATTLL Industry Co. and Ceiya Technology Co. Yalu Industry Co. has been a leader in metal stamping, die casting and deep drawing for over 15 years. Quality and service at a reasonable price are true hallmarks of the company. This is not just by accident; it has been a long-term policy of the company.


Precision metal progressive stamping (especially deep drawing) and tools
Transfer press
Precision metal machining
Cold forging
Zinc alloy. Magnesium alloy and aluminum die casting
Assembly for precision parts


Cables, eyewear, camera, medical, automotive, electronics, military, computer, home domestric, power, kitchen accessories, telecommunication, LED lighting, etc.

·R&D Team
·More than 15 top designers with great continuous ideas, our faith is to bring Innovative products to our customer.
·Flexible MOQ
·More than 100 talented & experienced workers stand behind each of your orders. Your will get shorter lead time compare to any other suppliers.
·Quality Control
·100% Inspection
·ISO9001, TS16949, CE, European free sales Certificate approved 

A Certified Quality
YATTLL Products Are Designed And Manufactured To The Highest International Standards: