Are you the best seafarer you can be?

What was the last training course you did and do you only stick to the obligatory list of courses?

Where are you, and where would you like to be?

Are you an exceptional interior stew, steward and strive to become head of the department?
Can you create a floral display that will be appreciated by the high end discerning charter guest?
Can you mix a fantastic cocktail that has your boss asking for a second and can you prepare and maintain a master cabin that lights up the eyes of your guests?

Do you work on yachts with a helipad?? Would you like to be more involved in this!
Yachts with helipads face a whole range of safety and operational challenges. With our partner in Cannes we’re able to offer essential training for any yacht with helicopter operations.
These specialised firefighting and helipad procedure courses maximise safety standards.

Have you done a season and seen the stresses and pressures the team are under?
Did you wish you knew how to approach them or how to offer better support to your fellow crew?
Do you want a better understanding of what they may be going through?
Feeling a little out of your depth or awkward in your approaches? Working with our trained mental health first aid instructor we are offering half day zoom courses on the topic and a 2-day course in Palma and Antibes covering mental health awareness; from what this is, to the different struggles, warning signs, conversation starters and more.
Cyber Security:
Have you heard stories of yachts being hacked?
Do you want to offer your yacht a solution for their cyber defences?

Behavioural Detection:
Ever seen someone out and about who made you suspicious?
Can you select which of these 5 characters has a less than innocent reason for their anomalous behaviour?

Our e-learning courses given by Cobweb Security will give you the skills to be able to better identify certain threats onboard, and in your every day life.

Are you trained to an elite standard?

Is your yacht ready for any fire emergency?
If a fire breaks out, do your procedures cover all possible risks and scenarios?

Did you dig deep enough on the risks specific to your yacht, and do you understand the magnitude of fires that they would possibly cause?

Will your crew be efficient in a fire emergency?

Are you confident that every single one of your crew members will react in the right way, and deploy the right techniques?

What takes place during an onboard training session with our onboard training partners?
Summarized here in an action packed 1m50s video.

What happens during one of their onboard assessments?
Rounded up in here in a neat 1m22s clip.

Working with Maritime Safety Solutions, you can ensure your yacht and your crew are ready for emergencies onboard, and know how to react swiftly to any fire, and could end up saving lives.

Ask us to organise a no-risk consultation for you, and see how MSS can ensure your onboard protocols are to an elite standard.

Starting costs
- A remote preliminary Fire & Safety assessment (based on your vessel’s documentation) at a cost of €249
- An onboard preliminary video inspection (in the areas where it is available) + Fire & Safety assessment at just €449.

Beauty Courses Your Charter Guests Will Love

Do you want to have an additional skill set on your CV?

Working with Harmonie Rock Therapy in Antibes, we are able to offer massage courses as well as pedicure and manicure services.

You or your crew need a little extra support?

We have brand new courses to offer to crew, delivered by a trained mental health first aid provider, highlighting the various mental health issues out there, looking at the warning signs, and also how to approach someone you think may be dealing with certain stresses.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to approach your fellow crew, in a sympathetic and appropriate way.
We all worry about offending our peers, and someone who is going through a mental health issue alone will surely appreciate your support.

We have 2-day courses in Palma and Antibes, as well as half day zoom sessions for those with limited time.

Drop us a message and we’ll happily send you the details.