A New Pathway to Master 500 and 3000

The MCA has set up a new working group with several superyacht stakeholders to discuss the Master 500 and 3000 (Yacht).

By John Wyborn • 03 May 2021

Master 500 and Master 3000

The MCA has set up a working group, chaired by the Chief Examiner, to create a new pathway to Master 500 and 3000.

The group has held its first meeting and several superyacht stakeholders were there, including the Professional Yachting Association.

Conversations have been ongoing for several years about this but now it looks like something might actually happen.

The task has already largely been accomplished for engineers who, with the new “SV’ programme can transition between different types of vessel.

The new deck pathway may well include an overhaul of how training onboard is managed including a new (possibly digital) training record book where crew can upload videos, photos and documents to provide evidence of what has been learnt. Here is the current deck pathway.

An alternative pathway, bypassing the Yachtmaster, could also be created for crew with only large yacht experience (in this context that means over 25 metres).

Specialist courses for particular sectors might also be needed covering aspects unique to that industry, perhaps in towing, cargo handling etc.

Do we need a specialist course for the superyacht industry?
If you have views or would like to know what is happening, get in touch with the PYA and get involved!
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